The road. The ride.


It’s true. It’s just like the way they said it. The road has all the answers.

I went on an impulsive trip a few hours ago. And I’m amazed at the possibilities and perspectives this short trip has taught me. I never knew that I was surrounded by beauty. And I’m humbled by the similarities the location drew, when my partner was comparing some of the scenes to Bahamas. It’s something else when someone who has actually been to Bahamas tells you about how similar the world is – the blue skies, the green seas & the red earth. The confluence of all these aspects coupled with the momentary freedom you enjoy outside the four walls of your mechanical existence makes you think hard about the journey of life.

Where am I going? Why did I do the things I did? Where is she? What about tomorrow?

You look at where you are heading and where you are at the moment – and none of it makes sense. You are just blindly trusting your machine to hold its grip on the road. And then when you look back through the rear view mirror, you realize where you have been and a pattern seems to emerge. You look at the firmaments that hold together the horizons, the ruins of an empire and the faith of its fathers, the importance of a lighthouse – philosophically and in reality; and you are forced to conclude that you don’t have all the answers. You can’t get all the answers. And yet we seek. And yet we expect.

I didn’t expect anything from this road trip. Hence I was able to enjoy the smallest of pleasures that my mind could capture in its limited capacity. Personally, this is a big lesson for me at this point in time.

Can’t wait to go on another impulsive ride. I still have questions. And I know that the road has all the answers.

P.S. – This post is dedicated to my partner and my bro, Binu. Thanks for protecting me 😉


~ by rb on August 18, 2013.

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