A reality check


We often complain about the traffic in our city. We complain about the lack of civic sense in our societies. We worry about the shades of our footwear and go to extreme lengths to buy that perfect pair of shoes. We crib about Murphy Uncle spoiling some of the choicest moments – whether it is the sudden disapperance of our favourite book or the absence of that phone call we have been desperately waiting for.

We are often so buried in the mundane, that we seldom think about things that are beyond our orbit of reality. We get stressed out and worried thinking about our existential struggles. We are also so caught up with the madness of our self-made world that we rarely go beyond our comfort zones to seek someone. Help someone.

Last week I had the opportunity to visit a hospital. Frequently. And I was exposed to a completely different shade of reality. I saw patients. Some struggling. Some waiting in queues. Some offering hope to others. Doctors and nurses running around. Patients who can’t live without incubators, dialysis machines, etc.

I saw tubes. I saw machines. I saw blood.

In between all these, I also saw hope. I saw people who only depended on a silver lining. I saw smiles. And suddenly this moment dawned upon me where my problems seemed to be such miniscule in nature as compared to these patients. Their reality was much more bitter than ours. Yet, there are so many of them who face it everyday – with a smile on their face and confidence in their attitudes.

The next time you think your life sucks, try visiting a hospital. And if you get an opportunity, go out of your way and help someone. It serves as the best reality check. Ever.


~ by rb on November 17, 2013.

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