I was walking down the lonely streets of an old Bavarian town.
It was night. Cold. And the stars had come down with happy Christmas trees waiting for the snow to melt down.
I kept talking to myself. “Maybe my life is seriocomedy”.
“Maybe I’m supposed to go through this polymorphous desire of uncalled reality”.
That’s when I heard a song.
A woman sitting on the street, singing out her soul, about all the things that went wrong.
Stealing glances, standing still, looking at the yellow wall – I drowned myself in her voice
That complemented the church bells and the small town’s meek noise
I asked her the name of the song
She said, “The song has no name. But you can call it Anuksha. It’s about all the things that went wrong”.
“What a pretty name for a sad song”, I pondered.
“Why would a happy man spend his time listening to a sad song”, she wondered.

The sadness fee of the seriocomedy.
The actress in the polymorphous desire of uncalled reality.


~ by rb on December 7, 2013.

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