Mr.Nice Guy


Life wanted to have a conversation with Mr.Nice Guy. Life told him that often it’s not him that had failed. It was life that failed because Mr.Nice Guy was too nice. And naïve. And maybe, nonchalant, to the point of not even realizing the burns – that grew within him over time. Life told him that it often wanted to apologize. Even gave hints of hope when Mr.Nice Guy was busy ruminating over his existential torments – which often was willful. The problem with nice guys is that they often make their unhappiness a pleasure to watch; or a lesson wanting to be absorbed by the people they live for – as if they are present as the mute spectators watching every move he makes. Life told Mr.Nice Guy that it’s only people like him that learns to appreciate the ordinary; learns to embrace the meek; learns to take the hard route to success only to lay claim to a triumphant climax – that only and only belongs to him. And whoever he deems fit sharing it with.

Life told Mr.Nice Guy to stay the course and keep rowing. There are more violent turns. Ups and downs. ‘Inner defeats’, ‘moral uncertainties’, ‘grey areas’ are all characters in this journey.  And the journey is going to be worth it. Because life was never about reaching a destination. Life was never a station. It is the train.

And Mr.Nice Guy stood still. Patiently listening to Life.


~ by rb on February 9, 2014.

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