The Shoals of Herring


I’m going through this phase where our parents are growing old. I see wrinkles. I see slowness. I see hospital bills. I see visits to graveyards. I sense that I’ve got very little time. Reminds me of this scene where a son connects with his father. Everything about this scene is perfect. Father and son. Old age and middle age. The stone faced father warming up to the song and by the end the son witnessing his father come alive. A generation’s words and feelings expressed through music.


“Oh it was a fine and pleasant day

Out of Yarmouth Harbour I was faring

As a cabin boy on a sailing lugger

For to hunt the bonny shoals of herring

Now you’re up on deck, you’re a fisher man

You can swear show a manly barren

Take your turn and watch with the other fellas

As you hunt the bonny shoals of herring

Well I earned my keep and I paid my way

And I earned the gear that I was wearing

I sailed a million mile, caught ten million fishes

We were dreaming of the shoals of herring

Night and day the seas were daring

Come wind oh come on winter again

Sweating or cold, growing up, growing old, or dying

As we dream about the shoals of herring”


~ by rb on April 24, 2014.

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