Why do I blog?

Many a times bloggers throughout the world have attempted to answer this question. And like most of them, the answers are indeed colourful, chaotic and comical.

Though there hasn’t been an official count on the number of bloggers worldwide, statistics do state that there are at least 50 million of us. While I don’t intend to form any kind of associations or unions in this online space, I though it was very much essential to post this page aptly titled the same.

So, why do I blog? Well, I blog because

(a) I love writing (no prizes for guessing that).

(b) Letting out the creative juices inside me through the form of writing indeed gives me a sense of satisfaction.

(c ) Though I don’t have an opinion on every odd thing in this world, I do have an opinion on a few important things.

(d) I sincerely believe that expressing oneself is the truest sense of service one can do to oneself

(e) Someday I plan to publish my own book, so this is training ground!!

And I don’t blog for:

(a) Hidden agendas whether it’s political, religious or societal.

(b) Money

(c) Making this world a better place and creating any kind of revolution/movement.

(d) Time pass

(e) To market myself amidst any kind of social group/fellowships/associations and generate unknown aficionados.

Thought it would help. In this world of rampant loss of the self, lack of originality and content, and unforeseen blame games – a disclaimer always helps.


3 Responses to “Why do I blog?”

  1. This I guess would be part of one of the best areas of your blog!

  2. Thanks a lot Gis!! Oops..I’m going red in the face, again!

  3. well written. but now it makes me wonder why I never saw or even imagined this wild side of yours.

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