Atleast ten people asked me, in the usual honky-dorry-yeah-baby tone, “So..what are your resolutions for 2009?” And I tried hard convincing them there weren’t any. Few believed while others chose to look at me in silent suspicion. Here are the top five reasons why I really don’t want to keep a resolution this new year. (Its top five because I couldn’t think of top ten, honest!!)

5 – Every tom, dick and harry is making a new year resolution.

4 – I’ve tried it before and 80.75% of time, I’ve failed!

3 – We all know it will require  excessive amount of hardwork, dedication, passions, etc. (All those word that look good on the 20th page of a self help book)

2 – I’m trying to be more realistic this year

1 – And finally, Nothing is really going to change!

2009 – here I come!


~ by rb on January 3, 2009.

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