perfection is hard to achieve. perfection is something we all strive for. it is a combination of rigorous hard work, determination and focus. at a philosophical level, perfection may not be a permanent state. however, from a scientific perspective, perfection can easily be achieved under certain favourable conditions.

what is it about our obsession with perfection? do we seek perfection only because we all are deeply flawed? or do we genuinely believe that the only way to refine ourselves is to consistently strive for a perfect state – whether we achieve it or not.

we all have our own favourite example of perfection. it can be a sportsperson or an artist. a song or a thing. some of us get goosebumps when we talk or share about our own favourite examples of perfection. i do too. every time i see this video.

it reminds me of the constant endeavour and detailing it takes to achieve a state of perfection. it reminds me that nothing comes easy – if our aim is to achieve perfection. it tells me that not everybody can see sense or appreciate a body of work or a thing that is deeply rooted in perfection. maybe because perfection is created by maniacal levels of obsession over the smallest details and being dissatisfied with most of the outcome. maybe only maniacs deserve perfection.. because it always comes at a price. and only those who deserve it are able to appreciate it.

~ by rb on October 23, 2014.

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